VoiceOne personalize your CRM

VoiceOne powered by Opencomm is a complete SAP Business One CTI Solution that uses the power of voice to personalize CRM. It is not just another CTI popup for SAP Business One.



VoiceOne improves customer satisfaction and gives ‘real’ data insights (e.g. how many calls it took to resolve an open case). This feedback may be also used to develop, motivate and train your teams. All critical Business processes are affected including:



Enhanced use of your CRM
Increased Sales Orders and Cross Selling


Automated Direct campaigns
Effective Telesales campaigns


Proactive Service call management
Reduced Service calls


Increased Outstanding Balances Money Collection 
Effectively apply Credit policy

Open architecture based upon Asterisk enables VoiceOne powered by Opencomm  to integrate SAP Business One with almost any PBX.

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Personalize Voice Management

SAP Business One users  are able to personalize clients/prospects calls having access to critical information before answering, like:

Customer Importance
Drill Down to SAP
Cognitive Suggestions (e.g. replenishment)
Cross Selling & Up selling

All critical processes are managed by VoiceOne powered by Opencomm, including:

Sales Orders
Service Calls
Sales Opportunities


In all cases activities are created in SAP in order to track all details.

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Advanced Voice functionality

VoiceOne powered by Opencomm supports a great number of general functionalities like:

Unknown calls management
Queue priorities
Strategy Call routing
Power Dialing
Create contacts from VoiceOne
Voice Recording
Call Transfer/ Hang up / Reject
Follow me
Call Whispering

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‘Click n Dial’ from SAP Business One

VoiceOne™ enables users to call from SAP and use it in a wide range of different cases. In all cases SAP uses the proper Marketing Documents and creates relevant activities. Partners can customize their own call lists (e.g. marketing lists, payment collection lists) and provide unique features to their customers.

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VoiceOne Technology

VoiceOne is powered by Opencomm, an international Organization with a wide experience in  Telephony Integrations and Call Centers.



The strengths of the VoiceOne powered by Opencomm include:


Compatibility with any PBX
Customization to each customer features by SAP Partners
Value for Money solution
Customized scenarios for major industries like:
Call centers
SAP Business One on HANA enabled
Use of Asterisk technology
Ability to be used as PBX (if applicable)

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