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Cognitive Systems

Data intelligent utilisation in all forms like Image, Voice and in all types either Structured or Unstructured is the new challenge for Business.
The application of such solutions are numerous, like: Sales Order Processing, Service Calls
& Marketing Campaigns. Alexander Moore already has developed relevant Applicactions by utilizing NLP, AI, Voice (PBX) and of course SAP Business One on HANA.

AgentOne: A Voice Conversational Agent

SAP Business One

Alexander Moore SA is providing SAP Business One implementation and solution development since 2004. Today is a SAP Silver Partner and SSP with a worldwide presence. Alexander Moore has a vast experience in the most key industries like: Manufacturing, Professional Services, Wholesalers, Retail, Construction, Insurance, Travel Agency and Shipping. Our clientele includes leading companies of any seize like: Philips Hellas, Sefco Zeelandia, Alstom Hellas, Lalizas Hellas, Interlife, Boston Scientific Hellas, Endress and Hauser, Campari (Ouzo 12), Travel Exchange, Payzone, Lameco Viajes.

SAP Business One


VoiceOne powered by Opencomm uses the power of Voice to personalize CRM (SAP Business One CTI). Be proactive and get critical information before you answer a call including: Customer Rating, KPI's, Cognitive Recommendations, Drill Down to open cases. All critical business processes are transformed like: Service Calls, Sales Order, Sales Opportunities, Activities, Money Collection, Click n Dial, Telesales & Marketing Campaigns.



Organisations across Europe (and indeed, elsewhere in the world) are becoming aware of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the fact that there is a lot of ground to cover to reach compliance.
Now is the time to start tackling data protection. You'll need to know where, and how, personal data you hold are being processed. With fines for breaches of 4% of global annual turnover (or Euro 20 million, if that's a higher amount), you don't want to run the risk of non-compliance in 2018.

Alexander Moore SA has the methodology and approach to support you in this process combining diverted skills, including: IT Security, IT & Cloud Technology, Legal, Management Systems (ISO 27001)
For more info please do contact us.


TravelOne® is a vertical solution for Travel Agents that use the power of SAP® Business One. TravelOne is able to manage the full life cycle of Travel Agency Business Including:
- AirTicket Management (e.g. Sabre, Amadeus, Worldspan, Galileo, Farelogix)
- BSP Reconcilation
- Cotnracting (e.g. Hotel, Bus, Transfers)
- DMC Operations
- Excursions
- Online Travel Booking Engine
- Business Intelligence


InsuranceOne® is a vertical solution for Insurance Firms, Lloyd's Coverholders and brokers that use the power of SAP® Business One. Solution covers the full functionality:
- Inusrance Policy Management
- Claims Management
- Reinsurance
- Agent Portal
- Provider's Portal (e.g. Hospitals)
- Business Intelligence
All important Insurance Classes are covered including: Car & Motor, Medical, Life, Property, Transportation, Professional Idemnity, Engineering & General Insurance

Customer Testimonials



18/1/2018 H ΕΛΑΣΤΟΤΕΤ ΑΕ σε παραγωγική λειτουργία SAP B1

H ΕΛΑΣΤΟΤΕΤ ΑΕ ( προχώρησε σε παραγωγική λειτουργία το SAP Business One με συνεργάτη την Alexander Moore. H ΕΛΑΣΤΟΤΕΤ ΑΕ αποτελεί ηγέτιδα εταιρεία στην παραγωγή μονωτικών και στεγανωτικών υλικών, στην Ελλάδα και Διεθνώς. Η υλοποίηση περιλαμβάνει μεταξύ άλλων Προγραμματισμό και Ελεγχο Παραγωγής, Κοστολόγηση Προιόντων σε 'πραγματικό χρόνο' και προυπολογιστικά αποτελέσματα.

22/1/2018 H MACPAC ΑΕ (Βόρεια Ελλάδα) σε παραγωγική λειτουργία SAP B1

H MACPAC ( μία από τις δυναμικότερες Βιομηχανίες της Βορείου Ελλάδας (Καβάλα) είναι σε παραγωγική λειτουργία με το SAP Business One και συνεργάτη την Alexander Moore. H υλοποίηση μεταξύ άλλων περιλαμβάνει Προγραμματισμό και Ελεγχο Παραγωγής, Κοστολόγηση Παραγωγής σε 'Πραγματικό Χρόνο', Διαχείριση Πόρων Παραγωγής, Προυπολογιστικά Οικονομικά αποτελέσματα.

24/9/2018 H ΑGROLOGY ΑΕ (Θεσσαλονίκη) σε παραγωγική λειτουργία SAP B1
H AGROLOGY ΑΕ (, με έδρα την Θεσσαλονίκη βραβεύτηκε για την υλοποίηση του SAP Business One από την SAP με συνεργάτη την Alexander Moore.
8/9/2017 H Boston Scientific έχει υλοποιήσει το SAP B1 με συνεργάτη την Alexander Moore

Η Boston Scientific μία από τις παγκόσμιες ηγέτιδες εταιρίες του κλάδου Ιατροτεχνολογικών προιόντων χρησιμοποιεί στην Ελλάδα το SAP Business One με συνεργάτη την Alexander Moore. Η υλοποίηση μεταξύ άλλων περιλαμβάνει: Πλήρες WMS στο SAP B1, CRM, Διαχείριση Συμβάσεων, Παρακολούθηση Παρτίδων, Κοστολόγηση ειδών σε 'Πραγματικό Χρόνο', Group Reporting και Οικονομική Διαχέίριση..

5/6/2017 H Philips Hellas έχει υλοποιήσει το SAP Business One με συνεργάτη την Alexander Moore

Η Philips Hellas υλοποίησε το SAP Business One στην Ελλάδα με συνεργάτη την Alexander Moore.

11/08/2017 H Alstom έχει υλοποιήσει το SAP Business One με συνεργάτη την Alexander Moore

Η Alstom υλοποίησε το SAP Business One στην Ελλάδα με συνεργάτη την Alexander Moore.

About us

Alexander Moore SA (SAP Partner & Microsoft Partner) is leading partner of SAP Business One. The relevant activity has been commenced since 2004 only 2 years after the official announcement of SAP Business One worldwide. Recently participated in SAP Business One Innovation Summit 2017 (Barcelona & Orlando) as well as ΤΤΕ(London) exhibiting unique solutions that has developed.

By implementing high demanding projects World Wide (e.g. Germany, UK, USA, Russia & CIS, Slovakia, Argenitna, Mali, Switzerland, Holland, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Jordan, Italy, Australia, Bulgaria) our team has accumulated unique experience and expertise.

Today Alexander Moore has a large clientele of companies including leading domestic and international companies like: Alstom, Philips, Campari, Endress+Hauser, Lalizas Hellas, Interlife Insurance, United Travel (Russia), Group Roullier (Lyda), JV Athens Suburban Railway (Preventive and Corrective Maintenance), Agrology SA, Eris Pharmaceuticals (Australia), D2M (Dubai), Unisoftware (Bulgaria).

               Call us at:
++ 30 210 6657312 (Athens)
++ 30 231 2204837 (Thessaloniki)
Mesogeion 280, Cholargos
      If you need more info please click here                  



26/01/2017 (Argentina) implements InsuranceOne with SEIDOR Argentis the leading Online Travel Agent in Argentina implements TravelOne with SEIDOR Argentis.
10/01/2018 Sonavie Life (Mali) implements InsuranceOne with Safir
SONAVIE Life Insurance one of the leading Insurance Companies in Africaimplements InsuranceOne with Safir.
15/08/2017 Arab Insurance (Jordan) implements InsuranceOne with ABS
Arab Insurance one of the leading Insurance Companies in MENA implements InsuranceOne with ABS.
12/05/2017 Alexander Moore announced AgentOne (Virtual Agent)
Alexander Moore sa announced AgentOne a complete virtual agent. AgentOne uses NLP, AI and Service Layer. See a demo in
25/04/2017 Alexander Moore in SAP SMB Innovation Summits in Americas & EMEA
Alexander Moore sa participates in SAP SMB Innovtion Summit in Americas (Florida) and EMEA (Berlin) presenting VoiceOne. Also will announced recent enhancements of TravelOne and InsuranceOne.
18/03/2017 Alexander Moore launches VoiceOne
Alexander Moore launches VoiceOne powered by Opencomm. It is a full SAP Business One CTI solution that provides personalized CRM. Solution integrates SAP Business One with almost any type of PBX.
22/02/2017 Alexander Moore with Sapphire in TTE 2017
Alexander Moore and Sapphire presented in Travel Technology in London 2017, SAP Business One & TravelOne
2/09/2016 InsuranceOne integrates with Generali Insurance, Groupama and AXA
InsuranceOne now integrates with Generali, Groupama and AXA Insurance. Policies that are issued from Generali Insurance can be imported with all details in SAP Business One including: Policies, cover, premium, commissions etc.
28/1/2016 Lameco Viajes (Uruguay) implements TravelOne
Lameco Viajes ( proceeds with TravelOne implementation. Main areas include Contracting, ticketing (Sabre), Quotations and Costing.
17/5/2015 SAP B1 Implementation in Bulgaria
Alexander Moore is implementing SAP B1 in Unisoftware Bulgaria

We are hiring

As we do expand rapidly either in Greece and/or internationally we are hiring immediately. If you are ambitious and seeking to expand your professional skills this is your opportunity. We are looking for high motivated professionals from a wide range of background including: Business Administration, Technical Universities, IT & Computer studies, Finance and Accounting, Quality Management and Marketing.
Also we do offer internship opportunities for students.
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